Tbilisi Holiday Magic New Year Edition Walking Tour

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Since the 19th century, Tbilisi has been bustling with holiday spirit and growth. The city's center expanded beyond the confines of the old Asian city, and the left bank of the Mtkvari River came alive with new architecture, trendy shops, factories, and European and Russian immigrants. This bourgeois New Tiflis symbolizes change, where traditions embraced the era's spirit to create a unique image of Georgia's capital.

Our journey begins at Freedom Square, leading us through Orbeliani Plaza to the city's left bank. We'll explore the vibrant Christmas markets, savor street food, indulge in mulled wine and hot chocolate, and bask in the warm glow of holiday lights. Tbilisi transforms into one of the world's best places to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

As we stroll along Rustaveli Avenue, you'll encounter Georgia's main Christmas tree, a perfect backdrop for memorable photos. We're here to make your holiday season in Tbilisi truly magical, full of festive traditions and joyful celebrations

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Duration of the walking tour is 3 hours Easy walking tour Small group walking tour Tour in English
3 hours Easy
Private or
Groups of up to 10 people

Meeting point:

  • Entrance of Burberry Shop at Freedom Square (Map)


  • Local guide
  • Cup of hot wine or hot chocolate
  • Georgian snacks


  • Hotel pick-up
  • Gratuities

From USD 45

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  • Freedom Square - Central Tbilisi landmark
  • Flower market 
  • Orbeliani plaza
  • Palace of the President of Georgia (outside) - Iconic Georgian landmark
  • Dry Bridge flea market - antiques and unique items
  • Parlament building
  • Rustaveli avenue
  • Main Christmas tree
  • Discover a Winter Wonderland in Tbilisi
  • Experience the enchanting history of the capital
  • Roam through the festive flower and flea markets
  • Capture the charm of old buildings adorned with holiday lights
  • Immerse yourself in local holiday traditions and insights


  1. Meeting point: Entrance of Burberry shop
  2. Flea market
  3. Christmas market
  4. Christmas tree