2-Day Tour Chiatura & Tskaltubo: Urban Discovering

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Embark on a journey through Georgia's Soviet past with our 2-day urbex tour to Chiatura and Tskaltubo. This unique combination of destinations offers a rare opportunity to get to know some of Georgia's lesser-known, but equally fascinating, locations.

Our urban tour begins from Tbilisi and first, we will visit Joseph Stalin's birthplace, the town of Gori, where we will stop at the Stalin Museum and see Stalin's personal train coach.

From there, we will head to Chiatura, a mining town known for its extensive network of Soviet-era cable cars. As we explore Chiatura's abandoned factories and industrial sites, we will uncover a piece of Georgia's industrial history and marvel at the mosaics that adorn many of the town's buildings.

After our time in Chiatura, we will make our way to Tskaltubo, a once-popular Soviet resort town now semi-abandoned and bursting with history. Our overnight stay in Tskaltubo will give us a chance to fully immerse ourselves in the town's Soviet past, with the option to stay in a guest house or one of the restored Tskaltubo sanatoriums (accommodation is paid for separately). Everyone who booked this tour can also take a soak in one of the resort's radon baths, just as Soviet citizens once did.

On the second day of our tour, we will continue our discovering of Tskaltubo and its abandoned sanatoriums and bathhouses, before making our way to the bustling Green Bazaar in Kutaisi. Here, we will find a wide selection of local and exotic products, including fresh produce, natural dairy products, and traditional Georgian sweets.
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This tour is a must for anyone interested in Georgia's Soviet past and is led by expert guides with a deep knowledge of the country's history and architecture. We also offer a personalized approach, so if you have a specific location or route in mind, just let us know and we can create a tailor-made tour just for you.


  • Transportation in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle
  • Professional, knowledgeable tour guide
  • Tickets to the cable-car

Not included:

  • Entrance fees to the Stalin Museum
  • Personal expenses 
  • Accommodation in Tskaltubo (guests have the option to stay in a guest house or in one of the restored Tskaltubo sanatoriums)
  • Treatment rooms at the Tskaltubo sanatoriums (optional and paid for separately)
  • Tips for the guide and driver (optional)

Need to know:

  • Please keep in mind that access to certain locations may be restricted for any reason beyond our control. However, we will do our best to ensure that you have a memorable and enjoyable tour experience.

From USD 459

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Day 1:

  • Pick up from Tbilisi and drive to Gori

  • Visit Stalin Museum and Stalin's train coach in Gori

  • Explore Chiatura's Soviet-era cable cars and mosaics

  • Take a ride on the new cable car system, a unique feature of the city

  • Visit the Pioneer Palace in Chiatura, a former cultural centre for young people

  • Drive to Tskaltubo and check in at the accommodation

Day 2:

  • Discover the abandoned sanatoriums and bath houses in Tskaltubo, a former Soviet resort town

  • Take a bath in one of the treatment rooms (optional)

  • Visit the Kutaisi Central Market (Green Bazaar) to experience local Georgian culture and find traditional products

  • Return to Tbilisi or continue on to Kutaisi, depending on preference

  • Exploring the eerie, abandoned sanatoriums of Tskaltubo
  • Visiting the birthplace of Joseph Stalin and touring his train coach
  • Photographing the unique, timeworn bathhouses of Tskaltubo
  • Enjoying a unique, tailor-made tour tailored to your interests
  • Experiencing the off-the-beaten-path locations of Georgia