Kazbegi - Ananuri - Truso valley 4x4 private tour

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Tour only available until October 2024

Our team invites you to discover the stunning beauty of Kazbegi and Truso Valley on our one-day private 4x4 tour from Tbilisi. Buckle up and get ready to explore rugged landscapes and natural wonders with our experienced guide.

Begin your adventure with a scenic drive along the Georgian Military Road, one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Along the way, marvel at the Jinvali Water Reservoir and the historic Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble. Take in the rushing waters of the Aragvi River and admire the panoramic views of Gudauri and the Russian-Georgian Friendship Monument.

As you make your way towards Kazbegi, you will visit the mineral springs and the picturesque village of Stepantsminda, home to the Gergeti Holy Trinity Church. This medieval church, built in the 14th century, is perched on a hill overlooking the village and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Next, head off the beaten track and venture into the rugged landscapes of Black and White Aragvi and Pasanauri. Take a hike through the Truso gorge and marvel at the unique natural formations that have been shaped by the forces of nature. Cool off with a dip in the crystal clear waters of Abano Lake.

Our experienced guide will provide you with insider tips and stories about the history and culture of the Kazbegi region, making sure you have an unforgettable experience while ensuring your safety and comfort.

This private tour is perfect for those who want to experience the best of Georgia's natural beauty and culture in just one day. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the hidden gems of the Kazbegi region with Truso Tours. Book your tour now and discover the beauty of Georgia!





Duration of the Kazbegi and Truso tour Moderately Strenuous Private tour to Kazbegi and Truso English
12-14 hours Moderately
Private Russian


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • 4X4 WD vehicle Gergeti Trinity Church 
  • 4x4 Transport
  • Guide
  • Water


  • Lunch
  • Gratuities

Group tour to Kazbegi and Truso Looking for a budget-friendly way to explore Kazbegi and the Truso valley? Join our group tour for a fraction of the cost of a private tour. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to discover Kazbegi and Truso at an affordable price. Book your group tour now!
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Book just a transfer  Let us take care of the transportation while you focus on enjoying the stunning views of Gudauri or Stepantsminda. Our private transfer service allows you to explore on your own without the hassle of public transportation. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a comfortable, hassle-free ride.

Need to Know:

  • Stay a Little Longer: If the enchanting Stepantsminda has captured your heart and you wish to extend your stay, we're more than happy to accommodate. Just let us know in advance and we'll arrange to drop you off there at the end of the tour.
  • Age Considerations: Due to the tour's lengthy duration and the exciting off-road driving, we advise that it may not be suitable for children under 12 years old.
  • Physical Fitness: Since we'll be exploring some rough terrain, it's good to have a decent level of physical fitness to fully enjoy the experience.
  • Dress for Success: Mountain weather can be a tricky customer - sunny one minute, chilly the next. Dress in layers and wear sturdy shoes to be prepared for any surprises the weather might throw at you.
  • Motion Sickness: If winding roads get your stomach churning, remember to bring along any necessary medications. We want you to enjoy the journey, not endure it!
  • Comfort Level: Our 4WD vehicles are built for safety and adventure. While they provide an authentic off-road experience, they might not have the plush comfort of a standard tour bus.

From USD 360

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  • Jinvali Water Reservoir
  • Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble
  • Aragvi River
  • Gudauri ski resort
  • Russian-Georgian Friendship Monument
  • Mineral Springs
  • Stepantsminda
  • Gergeti Holy Trinity Church
  • Georgian Military road
  • Black and white Aragvi, Pasanauri
  • Truso gorge
  • Abano Lake
  • Take everything from a real 4x4 adventure
  • Discover what no one else has seen


  1. Meeting point at Europe Square
  2. Zhinvali Reservoir
  3. Ananuri Fortress Complex
  4. Two rivers
  5. Gudauri Ski resort
  6. Friendship Monument
  7. Truso Gorge
  8. Abano Lake
  9. Stepantsminda
  10. Gergeti Trinity Church
  11. Tbilisi