Dashbashi canyon and Didgori

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Dashbashi Canyon (Tsalka Canyon) is located at an altitude of 1100-1500 meters and is 8 km in length. The canyon occupies 669 hectares and is full of spectacular waterfalls and caves. In 2016, Dashbashi Canyon was recognized as a Natural Monument in Georgia. Canyons of Tsalka or Dashbashi canyons is one of the most impressive natural monuments of Georgia, green and beautiful all year long.

The vegetation cover of the surrounding ecosystem is rather sparse, whereas the plants on the steep slopes of the canyon and astounding waterfalls create absolutely different micro-landscape, with characteristic micro-climate, specific fauna, etc. It is nice and chilly in summer (but beware of hogweeds this season), it is also exotically green and warmer than Tsalka and Dashbashi village areas in winter, beautiful with its dozens of frozen waterfalls which you will find even more if you follow the canyon up from the main tourist site.

A glass bridge 240 meters long was built over the canyon. The cafe located in the centre of the bridge offers an incredible view of the Dashbashi canyon. This can be a great location for your special day - a proposal or celebration of the anniversary.

In addition, you will see a real German village in Georgia! Elisabethtal was one of the first colonies of Germans emigrants in the South Caucasus. Founded in 1817 by 65 families from Wurttemberg, Germany it was situated near forests and was known for its viniculture.

Before returning to Tbilisi, we will make a stop in Didgori to see Didgori Monument. An impressive monument was erected at the site of the battle, consisting of dozens of massive swords pushed into the ground and posing as crosses, and colossal sculptures of dismembered bodies of warriors scattered in the meadows. It is dedicated to one of the most important and famous battles in the history of Georgia – the Battle of Didgori.





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  • Hotel pickup and drop-off (available from Tbilisi, Mtskheta)
  • Private tour


  • Lunch
  • Entrance ticket to the Tsalka canyon (50 GEL (20 USD) per adult, 34 GEL (14 USD) for children 3-12 years old)
  • Other activities (Bike line 120 GEL, Swing (80 GEL) *available during the summer season in good weather
  • Gratuities

From USD 200

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  • Asureti (Elizabettali)
  • Dashbashi Canyon
  • Tsalka
  • Manglisi
  • Didgori Valley
  • Enjoy stunning nature
  • Find out how the Germans built a town in Georgia
  • Take a walk on the glass bridge


  1. Hotel pick-up in Tbilisi
  2. Asuteti
  3. Dashbashi Canyon
  4. Tsalka
  5. Manglisi
  6. Didgori Battle Memorial
  7. Tbilisi