David Gareji Monastery, Sighnaghi & Rainbow Mountains: Kakheti Highlights

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Journey through the enchanting landscapes of Kakheti with this captivating day tour from Tbilisi. Setting out from your accommodation, our route takes us past the quaint village of Udabno, setting the scene for the wonders to come.

The highlight for many is the striking Rainbow Mountains of Eastern Georgia, often referred to as "Georgia's Paint Palette". These vibrant, multi-coloured formations are a magnet for photography enthusiasts and anyone with an appreciation for Mother Nature's artistry.

Then, we delve into history with a visit to the David Gareji Monastery. Standing against time, this architectural marvel offers more than just spirituality; it's a testament to Georgia's rich history.

Our journey continues to the serene Bodbe Monastery, cradled in Kakheti's undulating hills. This sacred haven invites quiet reflection and offers a tranquil contrast to our next stop - the lively town of Sighnaghi. Enclosed by 18th-century walls and fortifications, Sighnaghi promises panoramic vistas of the Alazani Valley. Here, you can meander through cobbled lanes, delve into local markets boasting traditional Georgian spices and treats, and immerse yourself in the town's storied past.

But, a trip to Kakheti isn't complete without indulging in its culinary treasures. Relish a sumptuous lunch, sampling a spread of authentic Kakhetian dishes. For those inclined, a taste of the region's traditional wines, celebrated for their depth and flavour, awaits.

As we conclude our journey, we drive you back to your Tbilisi abode, ensuring your heart and camera are full of Georgia's timeless beauty and captivating tales.





Duration of the tour 10 hours Normal Private tour to David Gareji English
10+ hours Normal Private Russian


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • 1 bottled water per person
  • Professional guide services
  • Transportation in a comfortable vehicle
  • Entrance fees to all destinations on the itinerary


  • Lunch is not included in the tour price, but there will be opportunities to make a stop in one of the restaurants in Sighnagh or you are welcome to bring your own. Vegetarian options are available at most stops.
  • Tips for the guide and driver are not required, but they are greatly appreciated for their hard work and excellent service.
  • Wine tasting is not included in the tour price, but it is available at an additional cost at select wineries if you are interested. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences.

We wish to assure all our guests that this tour is absolutely safe and exclusively traverses the territory of Georgia. Please be informed that the Udabno Monastery is not a part of our itinerary, and the route leading to it is completely closed. Rest assured, even without this, our tour remains a unique and beautiful experience, offering a true taste of Georgia's natural wonders. Your safety and enjoyment are our utmost priorities.

From USD 140

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  • Udabno village, nestled in the countryside
  • David Gareji Monastery with stunning Rainbow Mountains
  • Sighnaghi, the city of love with panoramic views
  • Bodbe Monastery, a peaceful retreat in the hills
  • Experience the magic of Signahi, the city of love
  • Take in the stunning views of the Rainbow Mountains
  • Explore ancient cave monasteries and soak up the old-world atmosphere
  • Personalized experience on a private tour
  • Discover the natural beauty and cultural riches of Kakheti


  1. Tbilisi
  2. Udabno village
  3. David Gareji monastery
  4. Monastery Bodbe
  5. Sighnaghi
  6. Back to Tbilisi