Private one-day tours from Tbilisi

Mtskheta: Ancient Capital of Georgia Private Half-Day Tour

Start your exploration of the culture and history of Georgia from its first capital – Mtskheta and visit UNESCO world heritage sites of the country. Begin your journey from Tbilisi and your first stop will be at the Jvari monastery founded in the 6th century. Enjoy an iconic place on the confluence of the Aragvi and Kura rivers surrounded by mountains. Continue to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, located in the centre of the ancient city. This is one of the largest historical church buildings among those that survived in Georgia. Here is the holiest site for Orthodox Georgians and carries the soul of the Georgian nation. Dozens of legendary Georgian rulers and kings are buried here. Follow the road to Antioch Church. Visit the urban area of Mtskheta, a renewed, stunning town. Explore the little shops and picturesque architecture. Take the opportunity to relax with a glass of wine and buy traditional Georgian souvenirs. Another amazing discovery that we visit during the tour will be the creation of modern Georgian architects - the monument Chronicle of Georgia (Georgian Stonehenge). A great view of the Tbilisi sea and city opens from the top of this place. After a history-filled tour, we can drop you off at one of the nice Georgian restaurants in Tbilisi. Duration Difficulty Type Language English 3-4 hours Easy Private Russian Meeting point: Hotel pick-up and drop-off Includes: Water Guiding service Exclusions: Lunch (optional) Gratuities (optional)
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Chiatura: Georgian Chernobyl Day Tour from Tbilisi

In the morning your friendly guide will meet you at your hotel/place of residence in Tbilisi. From here you will drive to the Katskhi pillar. Stunning and mysterious, this 40-meter-high natural limestone monolith towers over the gorge of the Karshuna River. On top of the pillar, there is a monastery and reconstructed 8th-century church most likely built by the Stylite. There is only one inhabitant, monk Maxime who has been living in the monastery for over 25 years in solitude and silence. You will then continue onward to Chiatura, an industrial town founded in the late 1800s. In Soviet Union, the town was a centre of manganese mining. Present Chiatura attracts visitors who are interested in Soviet-time leftovers and remnants. To grasp a true feeling of the past, you can ride a communist-era cable car still used by the locals as a means of transport. This transport system has a dozen operating ropeway lines for passengers and two cargo lines for transporting manganese. The total length of the cableway exceeds 6,000 meters. Located between steep valleys and deep gorges Chiatura will leave an unforgettable impression on anyone visiting this off-the-beaten-track Georgian destination. At the conclusion of your day, you will be driven back to Tbilisi before being dropped off at your hotel/place of residence. Duration Difficulty Type Language English 10-12 hours Easy Private Russian Includes: Hotel pickup and drop-off (available from Tbilisi, Mtskheta) Exclusions: Lunch Gratuities Please note that some cable lines are closed or under repair and visiting them may not be possible

Private Tour First capital – Stalin Museum – Cave town

Start your tour from your accommodation in Tbilisi where your driver/guide will be waiting to meet you. After a short meet and greet you will set-off to your first location, starting your sightseeing adventure for the day! After a short and scenic drive, your first stop will be Jvari Church (6th -7th cc), the most important religious center and an architectural masterpiece of medieval Georgia. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the church that towers over the city of Mtskheta. Continue on to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, known as the burial site of Christ's robe and the second-largest church building in the country. The Cathedral has long been the principal Georgian church and remains one of the most venerated places of worship to this day. Take an excursion to Uplistsikhe Cave Town, an ancient cave town and one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia. The town represents a complex of various structures dating from the 12th-century BC to the 17th-century. AD. Finish your tour at the Stalin Museum in Gori, dedicated to the life of Joseph Stalin. This museum is the perfect location for any Stalin or political enthusiasts. End your day in comfort with a relaxing car ride back to your accommodation in Tbilisi.  Duration Difficulty Type Language English 10 hours Normal Private Russian Meeting point: Hotel-pick up from your hotel or apartments in Tbilsi Includes: Water Guiding service Transportation Exclusions: Lunch in a Georgian restaurant (Vegan, Vegetarian, and Halal options are available) Wine tasting (20 GEL per person optional) Ticket to Stalin Museum (15 GEL per person, children under 6 years old visit free) Ticket to Uplistsikhe (15 GEL per person, children under 6 years old visit free) Gratuities (recommended)

To The Majestic Kazbegi Full Day private tour

You will depart from Tbilisi early in the morning, in the direction of Kazbegi. On the way, there will be some very interesting places to visit. Ananuri Fortified Castle Ensemble is a sixteenth-century castle complex on the Aragvi River. The fortress stands beside the famous Georgian Military Highway, overlooking the large Jinvali Lake. Its high, turreted stone walls protect two churches, a watchtower, and a reservoir. The main church facade is beautifully carved with animal, floral, and Celtic style patterns. The next stop on the way is Gudauri, a remarkable ski resort in Georgia. The resort is at an altitude of 7,217 feet (2,200 meters) above sea level. The first lower lift station is at 6528 feet (1,990 meters ) above sea level and the last, or top, station is at a 3,306-meter called summit Sadzele. The resort offers high-quality skiing opportunities, with the ski season lasting from December through April.  From Gudauri, you'll continue your trip to Gergeti Trinity Church. At an altitude of 7,119 feet (2,170 meters), the twelfth or thirteenth-century monument was erected on the southern slopes of Mkinvarcveri. Gergeti Trinity Church is an important temple, remarkable for its beautiful scenery. The Gergeti Trinity Church is set poignantly on a hill directly below the towering white massif of Mount Kazbek, which sits at 5,033 meters. On top of all this, you will also have the opportunity to partake in the best tandem paragliding in Georgia. The spectacular views and stable weather conditions put it right up there. From the perfect take-off sites close to the spots around Gudauri, your flight will take you over the ridges with a birds-eye view of the places above Jvari pass or Aragvi Valley. After a 20 to 25-minute flight, you will smoothly land close to the takeoff area or near the road in the valley after your exhilarating cross-country flight. Duration Difficulty Type Language English 10-12 hours Easy Private Russian Includes: Hotel pickup and drop-off (available from Tbilisi, Mtskheta) Guiding service (of option was selected) Exclusions: Lunch Gratuities 4X4 WD vehicle Gergeti Trinity Church (80 GEL per group up to 6 people) Paragliding flight (optional) Cable car (optional) Important information: From December till April road to Stepantsminda (part from Gudauri to Stepantsminda) can be completely close due to reasons beyond our control. There is no other road there.
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Grand tour to Kakheti: Alaverdi-Telavi-Kvareli-Sighnaghi

After being picked up from your hotel in the morning, your first stop will be the Ujarma fortress. It is believed that in the second half of the 5th century, the famous Vakhtang Gorgasali (founder of Tbilisi) erected numerous buildings in Ujarma and moved his residence there. In the 10th century, Ujarma was destroyed by the Arabian forces of Abul Kassim. Later on, in the 13th century, the fortress was restored by King George III, who arranged a treasury. Moving on, your tour will continue through the Gombori Pass, which will see you drive to an altitude of 1,650 meters (5,414 feet). At the top, you will discover an observation deck, the perfect place for a photoshoot. After a small stop, you will continue your journey through the magical forest, where you will be able to make a wish. The next stop will be the Alaverdi Monastery. At a height of over 55 meters, the Alaverdi Cathedral is the second tallest religious building in Georgia. You will then visit the city of Telavi, the main city and administrative centre of Georgia's eastern province of Kakheti. On the way to Kvareli, you will stop at the Gremi. Standing above the green valley of Alazan, Gremi attracts travellers whose road goes between Telavi and Kvareli. Gloomy and monumental, the castle is one of the most visited tourist points in Georgia. In Kvareli, you will have the opportunity to taste Georgian wines and find out how they are made. Following your wine tasting, you should find yourself with new strength. You will then go to the Bodbe Monastery, which is one of the most important religious sites in Georgia. Continuing your trip, you will venture toward Sighnaghi. Its charming cobblestone streets and alleys consist of restored original nouveau woodwork, and detailed facades give the town a romantic mystique. Billed the "City of Love", Sighnaghi is a popular wedding venue. The wedding chapel here was the first to operate around the clock and put Sighnaghi on the map as a destination. Its marriage chapel now hosts ceremonies that take place at all hours of the day and night. Duration Difficulty Type Language English 12 hours Easy Private Russian Includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off 1 bottled water Guide's services Transportation service Exclusions: Gratuities Entrance fees Lunch Wine tasting (from 15 GEL)
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Kakheti and Sighnaghi Full-Day Private tour

Departing from Tbilisi, embark on a one-day tour to visit the sunniest regions of Georgia. The eastern region of Kakheti is Georgia’s premier wine-producing area, where almost everywhere you go you’ll be invited to drink a glass of traditional amber wine. Along the way, make a stop at the village of Badiauri where you can learn how to bake traditional Georgian bread and can even try to do it by yourself. For those that love cheese, there are many kinds of cheese in Georgia that you can try accompanied by hot, fresh, crusty bread. Next up, visit the Bodbe Monastery, one of the most important religious sites in Georgia. Today there is a nunnery where the monastery used to be, and the St. George Cathedral, part of the monastery, holds the remains of St. Nino. There is also a new cathedral built, using much of the same construction methods used to make the most famous cathedrals in Georgia centuries ago. You'll then arrive at Sighnaghi, known as the town of love. There your guide will tell the legend that happened in this city many centuries ago as you walk along the cobbled streets of the city, climb the city walls, and visit one of the towers. The views of the Alazani valley will amaze you, and if you are lucky with the weather, you will see the Greater Caucasus mountains. There is also a local market where you can try and buy Georgian spices, sweets, sauces, and much more. Finally, it's time to go to a winery to taste Georgian wine. There are so many different wines, and you are bound to find something that you like. Your local guide will also tell you the secrets of making wine and how to drink it. Duration Difficulty Type Language English 10 hours Easy Private Russian Includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off from Tbilisi 1 bottled water Guide's services Transportation service Entrance fees Wine tasting at the KTW wine factory Exclusions: Additional wine tasting at the winery is available (Starts from 10 USD/per person) Gratuities Lunch

From Tbilisi: Vardzia, Rabati, and Borjomi Private Tour

From Tbilisi, transfer to Borjomi and visit the Balneological health resort, situated in the southeast of Georgia in the Agura river gorge. Discover this picturesque place and its large-leaved and coniferous forests surrounded by the majestic Caucasian mountains. Borjomi is well known for its mineral waters, the source of which is situated in Borjomi Central Park, where those who wish may sample it.  Then, head towards Akhaltsikhe which is cosily situated on both banks of the small river, Potskhovi. Take a tour of this ancient city and visit Rabati Castle, a complex consisting of many historical castles, towers, and churches. Pay special attention to the halls and marvel at the ancient Georgian architecture. In the lower part of the fortress, you will find a tourist information centre, a restaurant, a café, and gift shops which you may visit as you please.  Next, visit Vardzia, a cave monastery site that delves into the rock half a kilometre and rises up thirteen tiers, which are connected to each other with a complex system of tunnels. Here, see the preserved large reception hall, living quarters, book depository, wineries, water, and spring water baths. Visit the Church of the Dormition, the central spiritual and monumental focus of the site. On the same north wall are ancient portraits of the royal founders, King Giorgi III and his daughter Queen Tamar. Then, return to Tbilisi. Duration Difficulty Type Language English 12 hours Normal Private Russian Meeting point: Hotel pick-up and drop-off Includes: Water Exclusions: Entrance fee to Vardzia (15 GEL per person) Entrance fee to Rabati castle (19 GEL per person) Entrance fee to Borjomi park (5 GEL per person) Lunch Gratuities (optional)
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Mtskheta Uplistsikhe Borjomi in one day tour

Your guide will pick you up in the morning in a comfortable car and head first to the Tbilisi sea. You might be surprised by the existence of a sea in the Georgian capital, but in fact, the Tbilisi sea is the unofficial name of the reservoir created in 1952 to serve the city with water. The Tbilisi reservoir is located at a height of more than 500m above sea level and it is a pleasure to spend time here during the summer heat. Here, you’ll also visit a monument that amazes with its size. Known as the Georgian Stonehenge, the monument has officially titled the Chronicle of Georgia and was created by the Georgian-Russian painter, sculptor, and architect Zurab Tsereteli. The memorial was erected in order to celebrate 3,000 years of Georgian sovereignty and 2,000 years of Christianity in Georgia. The next stop will be the Jvari Monastery, the 6th-century Georgian Orthodox monastery built on a hill opposite Mtskheta at the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers. Jvari Monastery is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Continue to the Shida Kartli region where you’ll visit Uplistsikhe, an ancient cave town and one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia. Uplistsikhe — literally “Fortress of God" — is an ancient town that played a significant role in Georgian history over a period of approximately 3,000 years. Archaeological excavations have revealed extraordinary artifacts dating from the Late Bronze Age all the way up to the late Middle Ages. The next stop will be at Borjomi Central Park, home to the most remarkable virtues of Borjomi with its striking nature and unique mineral waters. One of the best places to experience this is Mineral Water Park. The park itself dates back to the 1850s and is an attractive destination throughout the year. Here you can taste the natural Borjomi mineral water and relax in a beautiful environment, or you can try riding the cable car up to the top of the park. After this last stop, your guide will drop you off in Borjomi or Bakuriani, or you can return to your accommodation in Tbilisi. Duration Difficulty Type Language English German 10 hours Easy Private French Spanish Russian Metting point: Hotel pick-up and drop-off Includes: Water Exclusions: Admission Borjomi Park (2 GEL per person) Admission Uplistsikhe (15 GEL per person) Lunch

Dashbashi canyon and Didgori Mount

Dashbashi Canyon(Tsalka canyon) is located at an altitude of 1100-1500 meters and is 8 km in length. The canyon occupies 669 hectares and is full of spectacular waterfalls and caves. In 2016, Dashbashi Canyon was recognized as a Natural Monument in Georgia. Canyons of Tsalka or Dashbashi canyons is one of the most impressive natural monuments of Georgia, green and beautiful all year long. The vegetation cover of the surrounding ecosystem is rather sparse, whereas the plants on the steep slopes of the canyon and astounding waterfalls create absolutely different micro-landscape, with characteristic micro-climate, specific fauna, etc. It is nice and chilly in summer (but beware of hogweeds this season), it is also exotically green and warmer than Tsalka and Dashbashi village areas in winter, beautiful with its dozens of frozen waterfalls which you will find even more if you follow the canyon up from the main tourist site. A glass bridge 240 meters long was built over the canyon. The cafe located in the center of the bridge offers an incredible view of the Dashbashi canyon. This can be a great location for your special day - proposal or celebration of the anniversary. In addition, you will see a real German village in Georgia! Elisabethtal was one of the first colonies of Germans emigrants in the South Caucasus. Founded in 1817 by 65 families from Wurttemberg, Germany it was situated near forests and was known for its viniculture. Before returning to Tbilisi, we will make a stop in Didgori to see Didgori Monument. An impressive monument was erected at the site of the battle, consisting of dozens of massive swords pushed into the ground and posing as crosses, and colossal sculptures of dismembered bodies of warriors scattered in the meadows. It is dedicated to one of the most important and famous battles in the history of Georgia – the Battle of Didgori.   Duration Difficulty Type Language English 10-12 hours Easy Private Russian Includes: Hotel pickup and drop-off (available from Tbilisi, Mtskheta) Entrance tickets Exclusions: Lunch Gratuities 4x4 car to the bottom of canyon
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Khevsureti in 2 days - inaccessible region of Georgia with digital detoxification

Perhaps you will be left without mobile communications and Wi-Fi and will not be able to share the photo on Instagram. But isn't that what you looking for — silence? Khevsureti is one of the most isolated historical provinces of the Georgian highlands. Khevsureti lies on both slopes of the Great Caucasus range and is divided into three parts. Destination of our tour is the most famous part of Khevsureti – villages Shatili and Mutso – famous because of its original medieval architecture, but beside Shatili tourists will see many other even more interesting places, enjoy unspoiled nature and feel like time travelers to the deep middle ages. Tour with team to Khevsureti allows you to see the most interesting places in this mysterious area. Day 1:  Mutso is most famous for its breathtaking mountain views, medieval towers, and sacred legends. Difficult to access and mostly abandoned during the past century, the fortress village has preserved its original architecture and open-air burial vaults. Hike to Mutso – which is located on the rock and surrounded by towers.  Overnight in Shatili Day 2: Shatili is a UNESCO heritage site, is a medieval highland fortress village, situated 1400 meters above sea level. There is no road access to Shatili in the wintertime, further protecting the traditional ways of the dozen or so permanent inhabitants. Shatili is one of the most popular destinations for tourists seeking out a genuine experience. The medieval stone and mortar complex consists of 60 towers. It served both as a place of residence and fortress protecting Georgia’s northeastern borders. Immerse yourself in this inspiring atmosphere by spending the night at one of the fortresses.    Duration Difficulty Type Language English 2 days Moderately Strenuous Private Russian Includes: Hotel pickup and drop-off (available from Tbilisi, Mtskheta) Guide 1 night in Shatili Accommodation  Breakfast  Water Exclusions: Lunch Gratuities
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